Prepper's Livestock Handbook

You will learn: which livestock is best suited to preparedness, options for shelter and fencing, how to establish and maintain good pasture, how to grow and store hay, strategies for feeding your farm animals without going to the feed store, options for breeding, birthing, veterinary care, and sustainable dairying. Also pitfalls to avoid and how to keep things manageable. If the grid ever fails, you will know how to preserve and store eggs, dairy foods, and meat without electricity. Preppers Livestock Handbook focuses on simple, low-tech, off-grid methods for managing your land and your livestock. Covers cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl). Available in paperback or eBook.


Chapter 1   First Things First
Chapter 2   Best Breeds fpr Self-Reliance
Chapter 3   Barns, Shelters, and Fencing
Chapter 4   Forage and Feed
Chapter 5   Breeding and Pregnancy
Chapter 6   Blessed Events: Birthing and Hatching
Chapter 7   Eggs, Milk, and Meat
Chapter 8   Keeping Them Healthy
Chapter 9    Keeping Them Safe
Chapter 10  Keeping Things Manageable
Conclusion: If SHTF


Extensive resources
At-a-glance charts and lists for:
  • Livestock overviews (sizes, expected production, acreage needed, natural and productive lifespans, example breeds)
  • Grasses, legumes, and forbs (annuals, perennials, warm and cool season examples)
  • Hay Feeding Needs
  • Homegrown and foraged feeds
  • Natural vitamin and mineral sources
  • Gestation times for livestock
  • Labor times and number of offspring
  • Incubation times for various poultry
  • Homemade feeds for hatchlings
  • Supply lists (birthing, hatching, milking, routine and emergency care)
  • Alternative de-wormers and medications
  • How to know when you need a vet
  • Normal range of vital signs
  • Common livestock predators (includes signs of attack)
  • and more

6 x 9 inches, 192 pages
ISBN-13: 9781612437958

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