How To Garden For Goats

How To Garden For Goats:  gardening, foraging, small-scale grain and hay, & more

This revised edition offers more ways to supplement your goats' feed from home. Discusses why feeding your goats from your garden is a good idea, what they can eat from the garden, preparation involved, foraging wild food, feeding canning leftovers and kitchen scraps, small scale grain, pasture, and hay growing, stover, sprouting grain, hydroponic fodder, plus how to make your own vitamin and mineral mixes for your goats. Includes expanded and new lists of plants and goat goodies.

Available in epub,  mobi (Kindle), lrf, pdb, txt, html, and PDF.


Why Garden For Your Goats?
What They Can Eat, What They Can't
What To Plant For Goats
Summer Garden
Fall Garden
How To Feed Garden Produce to Goats
Kitchen Scraps and Canning Leftovers
Small Scale Grains, Pasture, and Hay
Stover - What It Is and How To Feed It
How To Forage For Your Goats
How To Make Your Own Vitamin & Mineral Mix
How To Sprout Grain For Goats



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