How To Compost with Chickens

How To Compost With Chickens:  Work smarter not harder for faster compost & happier chickens

Working smarter not harder on the homestead means learning how to partner with one's animals. This little eBook discusses why chickens are well-suited for compost making. You'll learn how to combine the principles of feeding chickens with the principles of making compost. Offers several ideas for chicken composting systems, guidelines for breed selection, what can and can't be included in your compost, and things to consider for adapting the concept to your homestead situation. Includes a glossary and list of resources.

Available in epub, mobi (Kindle), lrf, pdb, txt, html, and PDF.


On The Nature of Chickens
Basic Principles of Feeding Chickens
Basic Principles of Feeding Compost
What Can Go Into the Chickens' Compost Pile? What Can't?
A Simple Chicken Yard Composting System
Which Breeds Are Best?
Adapting Your System to Your Circumstances



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